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Azienda - La Taqueria - Ristorante Messicano


LA TAQUERIA comes from the intuition of a young entrepreneur who comes from Honduras and finds himself in Rome, where he realizes that the city still did not have an easy option of Latin American gastronomy to all those locals eager to taste the flavors that our culture has to offer. He also wanted to make feel at home all those persons coming from Central and South American countries who are here for study or work. This is how the first little Taqueria was opened, but in a year or so the shop becomes too small for all the occasional and regular clients visiting our shop and therefore it is time to think about a bigger project, more colorful, with a bigger choice of Mexican and Central American street food specialties. And here you have it, our new place, vivid just like the colors that paint it!



We shop for our goods daily. Only in this way we can carefully select all the fresh ingredients we need to prepare our dishes.



There are 2 types of tortillas: those made from corn flour ( considered like bread in Latin America) and those made from wheat flour, bigger and richer. In our cuisine me prepare them both every day as the base for all of our specialties and they are then filled with selected meats and spiced according to traditions with our homemade sauces.