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Azienda - La Taqueria - Ristorante Messicano


Who doesn’t know them?! At our place we prepare fresh corn tortillas daily. We then cut them by hand into triangles before they are fried and seasoned with the classic sauces or with different kinds of meat. Great for an aperitif or starter.



We need a few more minutes in order to prepare this specialty which you will hardly find somewhere else in town! Our corn tortillas are filled with shredded chicken or beef and then rolled and fried to become crunchy and having a unique flavor.



Soft corn tortillas filled with a choice of 3 different meats or refried beans for the vegetarian version. They stay delicate if seasoned with one of our classic sauces and they become explosive if you decide to add a hot one too.


They are the most important dish in our menu. Our homemade flour tortilla can be filled in so many ways to satisfy everyone. You will find chicken, beef, pork, but also vegetarian burritos. We have also dedicated some to the peoples of Latin America who have inspired our chef and since our fantasy has no limits, we are in constant evolution and you will find new varieties outside the menu which you won’t want to miss so check out our chalkboards inside the shop.


Everyone in Rome talks about it! Our fantastic homemade cake is drowned in three types of milk is simply an irresistible temptation.